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    Adobe Captivate and Character Animator formats?

    jeffatnip Level 1

      I love Character Animator and I have developed several characters which I output to video. I would love it if I could easily use my animations in Adobe Captivate. I have been through the Captivate discussion of "transparent videos in Captivate" and I couldn't find a really good answer. People talked about flv format and oam formats and none of these would really be adequate to bring in a fully functional talking transparent Character Animator character over the top of a Captivate educational interactive presentation. I know I could bring in short animated gifs or png sequences, but I need to bring in characters with a couple of paragraphs of synched audio. And... it would be great if navigation buttons in Captivate – play and pause – would work with the animations. And for what it is worth – we output our Captivate training to HTML5.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Great suggestion, and yes, I've heard this one before too. Feel free to add it to our feature wish list at adobe.com/go/ch_wish, I didn't see it on there yet.


          For now I think exported video - unfortunately without transparency - is your best bet to get CH content into Captivate. And/or doing the composition of the character in front of the presentation in Premiere or After Effects instead, and then only adding interactive elements in Captivate.

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