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    Outputting a photo portfolio laid out as spreads to a PDF that can be emailed to clients

    El_Jeffe Level 1

      I'm a very basic user of InDesign. I essentially just use it to mock-up my printed portfolio - I'm a professional photographer. As I use double sided paper to print my portfolio, in Indesign I created a document that is made up of double page spreads. Sometimes there's one photograph on a page, sometime a photograph is a double page spread.


      What I want to is simply output a PDF of the portfolio that maintains the format of a book, so the double page spreads are seen as a single "page", so as the user scrolls through the document, they see each spread in order.


      The other thing I'm wondering is what options do I have to set how the document is viewed once I send it? I don't want to send potential clients a list of setting they need to plug into Reader etc just to see the PDF the way I intend.