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    FW points and printing

    TCarp Level 1
      Let me start by saying I know pixels are for display and dots are for print.

      I'm using FW (CS3) to create an image I will want to have printed on a shirt. The image is almost entirely text and rectangular boxes. The canvas is 9" wide by 7" high. When I do the full layout selecting a font size of 72 in FW made all the text fit on the canvas.

      I thought that in FW the font sizes are in points. If I'm understanding points they are 1/72" which would make 72 pt 1-inch. But that's not the way it prints at all. The text is closer to 1/6".

      Am I making a mistake thinking that 72pt is 1"? Is FW doing anything to the image when printed that would explain? Are there guidelines one should use when designing with FW for print-destined output?


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          pixlor Level 4
          If you're designing for CafePress, I think they recommend 200 dpi, which means that you want your 9x7 inch design to be 1800x1400 pixels. Make your document that size in pixels and you'll be fine. (Check with whichever printer you're using, as they'll have guidelines. )

          Keep in mind that you're printing on fabric, which is an irregular surface, so high-resolution details won't hold up very well. A higher resolution image won't get you a better result.

          Good luck!

          Edit...if you print a 200dpi image on a 1200dip printer (a common resolution), yes, it will look about 1/6th as large as you may expect. That's because images are measured in pixels, not inches. Don't worry about the resolution setting in Fireworks. Just make your image the right number of pixels for the output media.

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            Thanks. Before I mark this as the answer, let me make sure I understand. If I look at FW CS3 help it says the font size is in points (which I presume means 1/72 inch). I understand FW is designed for web output so do points not mean anything in FW (unless by some chance you match the density of the output printer)?

            I realize I'm on the slippery slope of ppi and dpi.

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              pixlor Level 4
              Hmm... Then there's the wrinkle of what happens if you change the resolution of your document? For example, is 18-point text at 72 dpi (printed appropriated) the same size as 18-point text at 300 dpi (printed appropriately for that resolution)? I confess I don't know the answer.

              You might find the info in this thread useful: Basic resolution adjustment