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    Creative Cloud saying 'Start Trial' when have active membership and none of the Adobe solutions work. Help!

    eliseb1959624 Level 1

      My problems began a week ago when my Creative cloud turned grey and wouldn't open. Then when I managed to open it, it gave me no other choice than to Update it and then would quite halfway through the update and disappear. I have a Mac and I read that this is common on Macs and so followed a couple of solutions stated online but none of them worked. Then a few days later it reappeared and looked to be fine however when I tried to open any of my apps they wouldn't open. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the apps... to no avail. I followed online solutions about trashing preferences which also didn't work. So I then uninstalled Adobe Creative Cloud and reinstalled.


      Now it says 'Start Trial', even though I have a full years membership that I bought in November. I followed solutions online and found that Signing in and out works for about a minute, and then it reverts back to saying 'Start Trial'. I have tried to open applications during the minute that it appears normal, however it then says there is an issue opening the file and to uninstall and reinstall the application (which I have done many times). It also says Error 16 at the bottom of this message.


      I have university hand-ins next week that require the use of InDesign and Photoshop and so would appreciate any help!