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        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

        We need a lot more information in order to help you.

        What OS, what version of AE, what system specs, etc.

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          kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

          Yeah, this could definitely be a ton of things.  First question however from me is, is it related to one particular project or does it affect all of them?


          And not to get ahead of things but if it IS just centered on one project then I'd look in the folder it creates where you were saving them for autosaves and see if an earlier saved version might open.


          That would at least narrow it down to a problem with a specific project version.


          However, forget all of this if it locks up on every project and provide the info that Szalam asked for for further diagnosis.



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            Rats1 Level 1

            I am having the same problem with both premiere & after effects. I would launch them and it would go just a little bite the FREEZE!, no errors, no NOTHING!. So I just backward both to the first update for 2017, and at this point, I am having no problems.


            So I suggest go backward's and see what happens!.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The first thing to do when you encounter an unexpected problem on launch is to reboot, then engage the caps lock key and try and open AE, then open a project. if you get failures then it's time to start checking to make sure that no other apps are running. Be wary of virus scanners and network settings. If all else fails you can try deleting the preferences files.


              I hope this helps.

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                Rats1 Level 1

                OK, so I thought that going backward's with the software updates would help, but that didn't work with AE, but it did seem to work with Pr. As for Ae it still froze on me this morning, so I had to reboot my system. Rebooting the system always helps and I am able to launch Ae, but having to re~Boot every time just to get into your program is ridiculous and a waste of time. I do remember that back a few months ago I never had these problems.

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                  Rats1 Level 1

                  Well I guess I was wrong, so I did find this Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, and it seems to have taken care of the problem at this time, but time will tell!.

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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    Hi håvardh,

                    Are you still facing this problem? If not, let us know how you solved it. If so, please let us know so we can assist you further.


                    You might also check the responses here, as well. One customer solved their issue by running the Adobe Cleaner tool. You might try it.




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                      Rats1 Level 1

                      Sorry, I didn't get back sooner, but I did resolve my problem. I ended up doing a quick reinstall/fix of my windows as it seems some of my profile folders were all screwy, so after I did this and re-Install after effects, it all worked out. So thanks, all who helped me.

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                        nwkrauss Level 1

                        Hello, I am having a similar problem.


                        All of a sudden, when I attempt to open my AE project the software freezes and can not open the particular project.


                        The issue seems to only pertain to this project, which is not exceptionally large. I am working off a 2017 macbook pro 3.1GHz with the most updated version of AE CC.


                        I tried rebooting my comp but have not tried to reinstall the software- I'll give that a shot.

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                          ReynoldsRP Level 1

                          Hi all,


                          I had this problem too and found a fix for my case, so thought I'd share if the above solutions aren't working for people. I tried restarting my comp and reinstalling AE and it didn't work.


                          So, since I had a Premiere Pro file dynamically linked to the AE file, I opened the linked file in Premiere Pro first, then opened the AE file and it worked great.


                          Good luck!