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    Tips for Travel Videos


      I'm sure there is no correct answer to this question, but being new to Premiere Elements (I have Elements 15), I'm just interested to know how others do things.  So let's say you've shot some great video and stills of a vacation, and you want to make a little movie that incorporates the footage, pictures, as well as a fun soundtrack.  Do you edit all the footage first, then insert the stills where you want them, then add the soundtrack?  Or do you pick the soundtrack first and then edit the footage to go with the soundtrack?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I always recommend that you first find the story. What is this trip about? Why are you there? What was your plan?


          When we went to Italy, we went to re-unite with an exchange student and meet my grandfather's family. Telling those stories gave everything else in the video meaning and resonance.


          If you find your story, the rest of the video will fall in place naturally.


          Otherwise, it's just a bunch random video but to music.

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            Joshann Level 1

            Thanks.  I have been finding my story, but I'm still curious to know whether others typically edit the video first then add music or add the music first then edit the video to go with the music.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Once I know the story, I assemble the video to tell it (often built around my narration). I then add stills and graphics (maps, for instance) to flesh it out. After that, I find the perfect music to lay under it all.

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                Joshann Level 1

                Thanks!  Do you do adjustments to make the visuals go with the audio, e.g. try to make transitions occur on the beats of the music?

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                  Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I take a different approach.  I choose the music first and then bring in my media.  I usually time the effects and transitions to the beat of the music manually, although sometimes this can look too "mechanical" in which case I align it so it looks and sounds best.


                  I work the timeline until I figure how I will end the clip and then stop editing the middle part of the timeline and cut the music to create an ending and edit the ending clips.  I then edit the middle part of the music and splice as necessary to have it flow smoothly into the ending.  If I need to switch to another piece of music mid-clip, I carefully make the audio transition and tweak it if I need to do so when I add the clips.

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                    Joshann Level 1

                    Thanks!  That's good to know.

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                      HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1

                      I find placing stills within video sequences rather disturbs the flow, although pan & zoom can help here.


                      For what its worth I do the following:


                      1) Start a new project by adding the various video clips.  Edit these.


                      2) Insert a PE graphic (such as "Performance StageLight") at the beginning of the project & place a title over it.


                      3) As mentioned above maybe insert one of more maps to show where the action takes place.

                          Careful use of Pan & Zoom makes it more interesting.  I did this for three videos in Lassen Volcanic

                          National Park with different areas of the same map highlighted for each day & video.


                      4) Depending on the subject matter I'll add the stills as a photoalbum at the end of the project.

                          Start this off with the PE graphic "Road Sign" with text "Photoalbum" on top.

                          Again careful use of Pan & Zoom brings the stills to life.


                      5) If the video is intended for YouTube I'll be sparing with use of the music available within PE.

                          If its for house-internal then I'll add music from our collection.


                      I currently use PE 14.1 on a WIN7 PC.

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                        Joshann Level 1

                        Thank you so much!  When learning something new, I always find it very helpful to know others' techniques/workflows.  So I really appreciate it!