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    Where are the fonts located?

      Okay. I couldn't embed the fonts that I use in my presentations, so I updated from MX2004 to Director 11. Now I cannot get Director to use the font at all. It happens to be Kabel Ultra. It is present in the list of fonts when I access it from the text window, but when I try to create text with it, Director insists on using the default font. The result is that Director 11 is even worse than MX2004 in handling my fonts.

      Is there anything I can do to make Director use the fonts that are in my font library? Does Director look in a special location for the fonts it uses? Or are there certain fonts that it won't use? Or what?

      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, since I upgraded to Director 11 primarily in order to solve my font problems.
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          If you are doing anything with fonts, then MX 2004 will probably do
          better for you. D11 has a few issues with text and fonts. Hopefully
          they will be fixed soon.

          In MX 2004, you can embed pretty much any font they work fine. Just
          make sure that you apply the embedded font (the one with the asterisk *)
          to each text member.