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    Bizzare Auto Colour Grading Issue


      Recently had a few issues with lightroom when viewing then sending images to photoshop to edit


      Images (RAW files) on lightroom seem to have low res grey halos is shadow gradient areas but when I 'edit in photoshop' the image shows clearly, as it should (in photoshop)


      If I export .jpg from lightroom the image exports with the same image as seen on screen (slightly darker but that has always been the case) whereas if I export to .jpg direct from photoshop it seems to have been colour graded.  Blacks much greener and highlights warmer


      This is the first time this has happened in over 2 years and seems to have happened since the last time I updated software.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated


      Thank You

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A screenshot would really help.


          But I suspect you have a bad monitor profile. These applications are color managed and should always display identically. "Slightly darker" indicates the same.


          Rerun your calibration software, or if you don't have a calibrator, use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 for now. Relaunch all apps when done:



          Applications without color management don't use the profile and are as such unaffected.

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            martinf20545093 Level 1

            I'll try running calibration on mac but not sure that would correct the issue


            If I export the image (dng) directly into photoshop (tif) then save back to lightroom again then export then the colour grading issue doesn't happen.  It saves as the colour it should.  Only when I export to jpg directly from photoshop the issue occurs?


            The grey lo res haloing is only visible in lightroom.  Its clear in photoshop and clear if i export to jpg from both photoshop and/or lightroom.  This image shows the halo effect I mean (around the hairline)Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 22.43.30.png

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              Martin_Bns Level 1

              Hi there,


              The color grading issue you're talking about is visible inside Photoshop or inside the exported jpg when opened in Finder?
              Which apple computer are you using? Which monitor do you have?


              How you save the jpg file from Photoshop?


              Let us know,

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                martinf20545093 Level 1

                Only visible as the .jpg exported from photoshop (in finder).  Colour is fine within photoshop.  Save As>.jpg


                Macbook Pro - laptop screen

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                  Martin_Bns Level 1



                  Thanks for your answer. It's a color profile problem.
                  Please check if in Photoshop you have the Proofing on and if it's in CMYK. If it's active, you will see different colors once you open it in finder.
                  If it's active, please switch to sRgb as on the image below.





                  Please check also your color profile inside photoshop from the Edit menu on top->Color Profile
                  For web use or any screen use it should be in sRGB (unless you know what are you doing and why).


                  Please check these and back to me telling me how you save the jpg file and which monitor are you using, if it's an iMac or a laptop.


                  All my best,
                  Martin Benes

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                    martinf20545093 Level 1



                    'Proof setup' was set to 'working in CMYK' so have selected sRGB instead. 


                    'Proof Colors' wasn't selcted. When I select this the image destaurates and skin tone turns green


                    I don't have an option for 'Color Profile' but these are the 'color settings'


                    Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 23.54.37.png


                    I've also noticed the following issue as below with gradients.  Harsh halos instead of soft gradient.  (using curve and masking)


                    Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 23.49.56.png

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                      martinf20545093 Level 1

                      Might also be worth mentioning the image is 16-bit so assuming when saving as jpg it is reducing to 8 bit


                      I use macbook pro screens save jpgs by using the 'Save As' option then selecting jpg rather than .tif

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                        martinf20545093 Level 1

                        Further more.  If I go to 'Edit>Assign Profile' photoshop shows I'm working in 'ProPhoto' and not sRGB.  I can change to sRGB but agin the colours go crazy


                        Should lightroom be outputting as sRGB rather than ProPhoto?