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    Parenting link broken when Pasting

    SquareEyz Level 1

      Has anyone else had this issue? Its been persistent for at least the last 2 versions.


      I've been noticing parent/child relationships breaking, seemingly at random as I'm work on a comp.


      I just recently noticed that it happens during a paste of an animated property from one layer into another.

      In this case, both layers are children of null object that drives a scale animation.


      When I paste, the parent is deselected on the layer being pasted into.


      BUT, when I perform an undo, only the parent de-linking is undone.  I have to undo twice to undo the paste command.




      I know many users may not use parenting or null objects at all, but they are a crutal part of my toolbox in 2d and 3d work, and its a total pain to have an otherwise robust and editable workflow turn into a house of cards while I'm working in it. Very un AE behavior.


      Anyone able to recreate the problem?


      I'm using CC 2017.1on OSX 10.11.6 ; But I'm quite sure its been happening for a while.

      I already checked the known issues list and its not there.