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    Flex Builder debugger breakpoint  folows wrong lines

    levancho Level 3
      this morning i start seing strange things happening with flexbuilder, first it seeme that it was entering code that was physically impossible; things like entering "if" clause and then immediately entering " else " clause, finally i realized debugger was showing lines when in reality it was executing lines that were about 2-3 lines above what it was showing with breakpoint , I am blaming this to flash player 10 debug version, maybe because its still new there is bug ?
      I hate to uninstall it and reinstall version 9, maybe there is workaround to fix it.?
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          injpix Level 3
          Did you do a Clean?
          In FlexBuilder: Project> Clean
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            levancho Level 3
            yeah I implied that, I did clean, I did manual clean I did every possible option, then I uninstalled f player 10 debug and reinstalled f player 9 debug, and while doing that discovered another little bug in FB3 that could contribute to this issue , case is following :

            I imported a flex project from my old machine where output folder was /a/b/c

            in my new PC output folder is /dev/a/b/c
            so I went in project properties and adjusted output folder to point to correct directory /dev/a/b/c but what flexbuilder is doing is, it does not update all property files that have this path so after you build the project, half of the assets go to new directory /dev/a/b/c and half goes to old directory, /a/b/c, whats even stranger is that if you close flex builder and reopen it, project output folder gets reset back to point to old /a/b/c folder, anyways I finally fixed it by manually modifying .actionScriptproperties and .project files restarted FB cleaned output folder,and then rebuild it, but now I am not sure did these steps fix the issue or the flashplayer downgrade, or maybe both?

            because I had to do these steps yesterday as well, and then it was building correctly whole afternoon into new output folder, but today it started it again, finaly I obliterated the existence of /a/b/c path completely.