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    Toggling between windows, Indesign freezes the entire computer


      Hi all:


      In a bit of a pickle with InDesign - hoping a kind soul has an answer as all my college project finals are within this program.


      Boot up InDesign, no issues. Can edit and manipulate everything perfectly. HOWEVER, if I toggle between ID and Google Chrome, when I come back to Indesign, the program freezes my entire computer. No spinning wheel of death, complete freeze until I manually shut it down. **This also happens after I apply edits, save the InDesign file, and exit the program. The program freezes as it shuts down.


      Yes, reinstalled it.
      No, no viruses that I know of... no shenanigans of downloading weird things.


      Unsure what it is, but would love to fix it to edit these final projects!


      Please help!