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    Trouble closing a window


      I'm using Robohelp 6. I just copied a snippet of html from an older help file that closes the help window. I pasted it into a new help file, but it does not work. When you click the End button, it appears to just hang, doing absolutely nothing. If this html works in another help file, why won't it work in this one?


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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi MB

          Closing windows any more is problematic. We see more issues raised over in the Captivate forums than here. Perhaps the link below will help to offer insight.

          Click here to read more

          Cheers... Rick
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            MergeThis Level 4
            You have inserted this <input> tag within the required <form></form> tags, right? I only ask because you didn't include them in the Attached Code.

            Good luck,
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              MB_from_Cardinal Level 1

              Thanks for your response. I'm gathering that how a window is opened will impact how it closes. I open different topics using the Insert>Form Element>Drop-down Menu functionality within Robohelp. This contains the open clause which I'll attach...I don't understand html enough to know if this is the code that makes a difference or not.

              Interestingly, there is one topic (Glossary) for which I open a NEW window. When I click the End button (using the very same html code attached earlier), the Glossary closes just fine. Does any of this shed more light on the problem?