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    Adobe stock - 10 standard assets a month


      I have a question regarding Adobe stock licensing. I know that I use 10 assets per month as I have a contract about 10 standard assets a month. Furthermore, the remaining assets that I do not utilize this month will be carried forward to next month.


      Here is the question. Is it possible to utilize remaing assets which I still do not use after finishing Adobe stock license(10 standard assets a month)?

      I am looking forward to the answer.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          This is covered in the FAQ - Common Questions, Adobe Stock


          What happens if I don’t use all my monthly licenses in a given month?


          With a small subscription plan, which includes 10 images a month, unused downloads carry over to the next month as long as your subscription is active. The carryover limit is 120 downloads. With large subscriptions, which include 750 downloads per month, unused downloads do not roll over.



          If I cancel my membership, can I still use any unused licenses in my account?


          No. You can use your available licenses as long as your membership is active, but you forfeit any unused licenses upon cancellation of your membership.



          Can I use the assets even after I cancel my membership?


          Yes. Once you have licensed an asset, the license is permanent. You can use the assets you buy regardless of your membership status.






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