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    Card Authentication Flex Application

    combustion007 Level 1
      Hello Everyone,

      I have been googling this for couple of days and have not been able to come up with a good solutions that suits my project needs.

      I am developing a small desktop application which will allow user to view any desired content upon user card swipe. So pretty much the user authentication will be via the card and and once the user is authenticated, the user will be interact with the application.

      What card read/writer should I get? I would prefer a USB than serial one.
      What would I need to do to integrate the card Reader/Write in Flex?

      I would highly appreciate your help on this.

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          Ansury Level 3
          I've never done this, so keep that in mind. I'd imagine you'd need to call on some external support such as Java. (If Java can't do it, good luck.)

          Merapi and I think Artemis are two projects that let you do this using Flex and AIR. Basically you're using Flex (awesome UI) to replace Swing (crap crap crap UI).

          Artemis might be extinct now, hasn't been an update in over a year on the news feed, dunno what state it was in. But Merapi is good to go and I've used it a little.

          There may be a project like these for .NET, not sure.

          Can't speak for hardware, but USB sounds wise.