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    Get Colour out of a multidimenisonal Array

    cmoke73 Level 1

      Hello community!


      Before I start a complex task I need to define some colors. To be able to use and get them individually, I pack them into an array:


      var myDoc = app.documents[0]; 
      var myPage = myDoc.pages[0];
      var myColour = [];
      var myColourName = [];
      var selectedColour  = new Array();
          selectedColour [0] = new Object(); 
          selectedColour [0] ["colourName"] = "SF_Rot";
          selectedColour [0] ["colorValue"] = "15,100,100,0";
          selectedColour [1] = new Object(); 
          selectedColour [1] ["colourName"] = "SF_Grau";
          selectedColour [1] ["colorValue"] = "10,0,30,50";
          selectedColour [2] = new Object(); 
          selectedColour [2] ["colourName"] = "SF_Service";
          selectedColour [2] ["colorValue"] = "80,0,35,0";
      var numColours = selectedColour.length;


      Unfortunately, I can not get these values (simply with "alert") when required.

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          Marc Autret Level 5

          Hi cmoke73,


          First above all, your array declaration can be shortened as follows:


          var selectedColours = [
              { colourName: "SF_Rot",     colourValue: "15,100,100,0" },
              { colourName: "SF_Grau",    colourValue: "10,0,30,50" },
              { colourName: "SF_Service", colourValue: "80,0,35,0" }


          I added an 's' to the identifier (selectedColours) to highlight the fact it is an array of objects, each element being a {colourName:string, colourValue:string} data structure. You can see the entire thing using alert( selectedColours.toSource() );


          • Maybe it's not a good idea to use the String type for defining the colourValue property. An array of four numbers could be a better choice for dealing with InDesign DOM methods. Instead of

             colourValue: "a,b,c,d"

          the syntax

             colourValue: [ a,b,c,d ]

          would do the job.


          • Considering that every selected colour (of your array) has the same object structure—that is, the {colourName, colourValue} scheme—it might be relevant to create a dedicated constructor in case some common features have to be invoked in a recurring way, say toString(), toRGB(), and so on.

          Then you can fully customize the way you handle your data. For example,


          function MyColour(/*str*/name,/*uint4[]*/value)
              this.colourName = name;
              this.colourValue = value.concat();
          MyColour.prototype.toString = function()
              return this.colourName + ': '+ this.colourValue.join(',');
          MyColour.prototype.toRGB = function()
              // todo
          var selectedColours = [
              new MyColour("SF_Rot",     [15,100,100,0]),
              new MyColour("SF_Grau",    [10,0,30,5]),
              new MyColour("SF_Service", [80,0,35,0])
          alert( selectedColours.join('\r') );
          alert( selectedColours[1] );


          Hope that helps.



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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Marc,

            depending what our OP cmoke likes to do with the colors array, it might be a good idea to define some other properties for an individual color as well. Properties that InDesign can directly use for constructing a new color in a document. Using a different array structure—an associative array—like I am showing below.


            var colorArray = [];
            var x;
            // Within the scope of the array the name of the color should be unique:
            colorArray["SF_Rot"] =
                name : "SF_Rot" ,
                colorValue : [15,100,100,0] ,
                model : ColorModel.PROCESS ,
                space : ColorSpace.CMYK
            // Add more colors to the array
            // …
            // Change values like that:
            colorArray["SF_Rot"].colorValue = [0,100,100,10];
            // Add new document (or use a document that already exists):
            var doc = app.documents.add();
            // Add all colors in the array or change existing colors according to the array :
            for(x in colorArray)
                var color = doc.colors.itemByName(x);
                // Color does not exist, add color:
                if( !color.isValid )
                // Color exists, make sure that all properties of the color
                // will be the same according to your array:
                    color.properties = colorArray[x];


            This approach is more tight to the DOM.



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              cmoke73 Level 1

              Hi Marc.

              Thank you for your reply. That sound very good (professional). Unfortunally much too professional for me as an beginner-amateur-javascripter. "this" is something I´ve never used. Just as little did I use "prototype.toString". But I will try to understand it.

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                cmoke73 Level 1

                Hey Uwe!


                Thanx for your answer.

                Finally, I want to start a query, where the user can enter a colour (by means of a number). The individual values of the selected colour are used later for tables (lines, areas and font). This first part of the script will be a small database with the colour values.


                That is what I made of your script:


                var myDoc = app.documents[0]; 
                var colourArray = [];  
                var x;  
                colourArray[0] =  {name : "SF_Rot", colorValue: [15,100,100,0], model: ColorModel.PROCESS, space: ColorSpace.CMYK};  
                colourArray[1] =  {name : "SF_Grau", colorValue: [0,0,30,50], model: ColorModel.PROCESS, space: ColorSpace.CMYK};  
                colourArray[2] =  {name : "SF_Service", colorValue: [80,0,35,0], model: ColorModel.PROCESS, space : ColorSpace.CMYK};       
                function createColour() {
                    var i = 0;
                    start: while(true) {
                      colourSwatch = prompt("Which color do you want to use? \r" + "1 = SF_Rot\r2 = SF_Grau\r3 = SF_Service", "" );
                      if(colourSwatch>colourArray.length || colourSwatch<1) continue start;
                return colourSwatch;
                alert ([colourArray[colourSwatch-1].colorValue]);


                I changed the name of each array-content to an index-number bacause I later need that as a number (selection/input)




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                  cmoke73 Level 1

                  First step is done.


                  But: how can I use via entered number (colourSwatch) a value out from the array (colourArray) to color the edges of the tables/cells?


                  myTable.cells.everyItem().bottomEdgeStrokeColor = ?????????