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    Don't autoload video in FLVPlayback?

    Jim at Miramontes
      Is it possible to configure FLVPlayback so that it does not auto-load the associated video file, but instead waits for a click on a "play" button to load and then play it? (I'm building a site that will have a player for a rather large video on its front page, and I'd rather not have the video downloaded unless/until the user asks to see it.) I already have autoplay set to false, but I can still see the video getting downloaded in the progress bar.

      Any thoughts? One could imagine an autoload parameter for FLVPlayback, but that doesn't seem to exist. Would it work to build the player such that Scene 1 is just a poster frame and a "play" button; a click transfers control to Scene 2, where the "real" player code lives? Or have I missed something blindingly obvious?