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    InDesign InCopy workflow - directorie issue with IMD files




      Let me give you some context into the issue I am having with my InDesign - InCopy workflow.


      I have designed a bidbook template for a client which contains images, text and graphics etc.

      I have set my client up with InCopy and shown them the basic editing features so they can use my template to create a custom bidbook each time one is needed.

      The template all works great within InCopy and does exactly what I need.


      So I have a packaged folder for the 'Master Template' with all of the links, including the InCopy Markup Document files.

      My idea of the workflow was for the client to copy the folder, rename it into the new bidbook 'London Olympics Bid 2043' (for example) and then edit the text frames and some imagery within InCopy from the InDesign file.


      The problem I am having is when you edit the new 'London Olympics Bid 2043' file it is also changing the 'Master' file.


      Is this an issue with directories? I am thinking that the InCopy Markup Document files are still linking from the 'Master' file?


      If anyone could give me some insight into this, I would be most grateful.

      Sorry if I haven't explained clear enough, I can provide screen shots if needed


      Many thanks,