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    Publish online color management issues - washed-out colors

    El_Jeffe Level 1

      I created an InDesign template for my printed photography portfolio, which worked great, no problems. Now I'm trying to share a PDF of the portfolio I created with contact around the country who I can't meet in person. I've figured out how to create a PDF with the correct sizing and layout of pages versus spreads.

      The PDF I exported appears to have correct color management, colors look the way the should. However I'm interested in using Adobe's Publish Online as it looks like it may be simpler for my clients to access, but when I look at the published document on the Adobe site, the colors are all washed out, indicating a color management issue. I'm not sure where the issue is occurring, especially as the PDF's I exported look correct.

      Indesign CC 2015, OS 10.11.6 Jpgs placed into Indesign document as sRGB, Color Settings RGB set for sRGB.


      Any thoughts appreciated!