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    Find next

    milkos59738379 Level 1

      good morning prepress comunity

      i'm using indesign cs6 and i've got this problem:

      when i setup a grep search string (e.g. [aeiou]') i'm not able to find next occurrence of the string using shortcut ALT+CTRL+F

      if i try to use it i receive a Adobe Indesign window saying "l'elemento cercato non è stato trovato" (searched element not find).


      it's a know problem or it occours only to me ?



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          winterm Level 5

          Notice that Find and Find Next shares the same button in F/C dialog. So you can’t invoke Find Next in a state when there isn’t Find Next button.

          After you click Find (and button changes to Find Next), you can use command Ctrl+Alt+F (or Alt+N) successfully while Find/Change dialog is open and active.

          That said, behavior is rather complicated, and you may not like it, however, I believe, your InDesign is acting „normally”, as it supposed to be.

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            milkos59738379 Level 1

            really thank you,

            i was'nt smarties

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              milkos59738379 Level 1


              how to keep findnext button active without the window dialog active ?

              in this way i can findnext occurrence, manual replace it and so on...

              yesterday i was able to do it, today not