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    Create new TOC maintaining original topic order


      Hi. I'm using RoboHelp x7.

      I have defined a project structure in which I have several folders, one for each manual or working area - which means I imported one word manual for each folder. I'd like to create one TOC for each folder and preserve the topic order of the originally imported file. This is where my difficulties start.

      I've generated TOCs using three different aproaches:
      - The TOC generated by default includes books and topics from all my folders in the order in which they were imported (which is fine, but I don't need a TOC that includes all topics of all folders).
      - Then I generated one TOC for each folder\manual using AutoCreate; this works to create a TOC for only a given folder in the project structure, but doesn't enable the TOC to maintain the topic order in which it was imported - it applies alphabetical order in the topics instead;
      - I also generated a new TOC copying from the default TOC (in which I can then eliminate the parts I don't want to reflect in the manual structure) - this works but requires me to know exactly where, in the TOC structure one project ends and the other starts, which can be tricky since I'm using several manuals.

      None of the options above really addresses my difficulty, since I'd like to generate a TOC for a given folder only, without having to re-order its elements (I'd like to maintain the order of importation) - is this possible? Thanks in advance.