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    New LR CC Upgrade issues

    jsk09 Level 1
      1. OK. Three new issues with the latest LR CC upgrade. 


      In the Library module, before, when you selected “Flagged” images on the bottom left drop down box above the film strip, both the film strip and the grid view changed to only show the flagged images. Now, when you choose ‘Flagged in that drop down box, only the film strip changes to the flagged only photos. The grid view continues to show all image in the folder, until you then choose “Flagged” in the Library Filter drop box on the top of the Grid view as well. So now, you have to make two selections instead of just one.


      In the Development module, before if you chose an image in the Library module and clicked on Develop, the image selected in the Library module would be the image in Develop. Now, regardless of what image is selected in Library, when you click on Develop, it defaults to the first image on the film strip.


      Third, in the Print module, when I choose to print, I get an error message that LR can’t connect to my printer and I have to go into the printer properties and select bidirectional printing. Never had that issue before, same printer, same settings, and same driver. Printer in question is a Canon ProGraf 1000.


      What default settings changed inside the LR CC upgrade that need to be reset in order to get the functionality we had, back?