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    Need Applescript to Auto-populate 'File Info' Metadata in INDD CC and exported PDFs


      I am on a Mac running El Capitan. I am using InDesign CC.


      Below is an Applescript that i found online — i installed this, assigned a keyboard shortcut, and it works great:


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2017"

          tell active document

              set document title of metadata preferences to name

              --set x to document title of metadata preferences


          end tell

      end tell



      I would like for this script to also fill in the "Author" field of the metadata (pulling the info from the file's "User" field), so that the info will be present in exported PDFs. I don't know how to edit this script so that "Author" field would be populated — perhaps it should be a separate Applescript?


      Any help or info is greatly appreciated.