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    Adobe Premier Elements will not load


      Hello everyone,


      I've been using Photoshop Elements for a year now and all of a sudden it no longer works. When I click on the desktop icon, the mouse cursor shows it's loading something but nothing actually happens. No error message or the loading menu comes up and then my computer stops the process of loading. I've uninstalled the item and installed it again but nothing has helped it.


      What do I do?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your title says Premiere Elements (for video editing) your message says Photoshop Elements (for picture editing)


          Which do you really mean?


          Also, Mac or Windows and exactly which version of the operating system?


          Also, exactly which version of whatever program you have?


          Also, did the problem start after an operating system update?

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            dhananjays36801738 Adobe Employee

            Hi Briane,


            Thanks for posting in Adobe forum.

            I understand you are facing issue with Adobe Elements.

            If you are using Windows Operating System then you can try the following steps:

            - Go to location

            C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\

            - Rename "SLCache" to "SLCache.old"

            - Go to location


            -Rename "SLStore" to "SLStore.old"


            If inside C:\ you do not find "ProgramData" folder then it means it is hidden then to open it

            - Open "Run" command

            - Type %ProgramData%  inside Run command

            - Hit "Enter"


            Open Adobe Elements & give it some time to open (30 seconds approx)

            - It should ask you to activate the product

            - Sign in with your Adobe ID

            - Enter your serial number & activate the product


            Hope this helps


            Happy Editing







            Browsed location C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\

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              briane57114067 Level 1

              Hello Dhananjay,


              I've followed your instructions right up to renaming "SLStore" to "SLStore.old" but I've run into a problem. When I try and rename "SLStore" it keeps coming up with an error message saying it cannot rename it because it's open in a different file even when I've shut everything down and restarted the computer. How do I avoid this?


              Kind Regards,


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                briane57114067 Level 1

                Hello John T Smith


                I do apologize, I had not noticed the mistake I made but I am talking about Photoshop.


                Windows operating system.


                Version 12.


                I have never been asked to update the system so I assume it is still the same as when I bought it.


                Kind Regards,