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    Duplicate files on desktop when syncing with LR mobile


      I use Lr mobile and shoot on my phone a lot - I had all those images syncing with a Lr catalog on my desktop.


      I just made a new Lightroom catalog dedicated to my mobile photos.  The Lr Mobile photos are already on my desktop hard drive, so I Imported them to this new catalog.  Problem is, when I sync this new catalog Lr is now reSyncing (Re Importing?) all the photos from the adobe cloud, which is creating a duplicate for every image (Adding a "-2" to every file).


      How do I properly move my sync'd mobile images to different Lr Catalogs?  &  How do I instruct lightroom that those images (Of the same file name) are already there? (something similar to don't import suspected duplicates on import?)



      Any info would be a great help, thanks!