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    View settings for PDF bookmarks exported from InDesign?

    trista_c Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've noticed that with recent documents I've created using InDesign CC 2015 and exporting to Acrobat DC,  my bookmarks seem to be automatically set to Fit Page. I want the user to be able to click with the bookmark to the exact section they desire without losing their set level of zoom. I believe this is called 'Inherit Zoom'.


      I've been researching on other forums and threads and so far have not been able to find a good solution to this. If I go into the Bookmark Properties when in Acrobat, I can't seem to change the zoom level to Inherit unless I specify the page, but this doesn't take me right to the header I need the bookmark to navigate to. If I try to add a new zoom action, I don't see Inherit as an option in the list of Menu Items (ie. View>Zoom>Inherit).


      I've tried a free Javascript program that can switch all the bookmarks to Inherit, but again it made my bookmarks only navigate to the page, not right to the header itself. I don't have budget to buy a more expensive plug-in for this.


      I also tried not using the bookmarks from InDesign and having Acrobat create them using the page structure. This worked in terms of keeping the bookmarks at Inherit zoom and navigating right to the header, but multi-line headings did not come through properly and nothing was nested the way it should be.


      Has anyone found a good solution to this? Am I missing something? Has this been fixed in newer releases of InDesign?