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    Acrobat won't open PDF files if they have accented vowels




      I'm saving some documents in Document Cloud but I having some problems when I want to open some of those PDF files:


      1. I have some DOCX documents I'm saving as PDF/A-2a. After uploading them using my computer (PC or Mac) to Document Cloud, I have the DOCX and the PDF.
      2. If the file name has accented vowels (á, é, í, ó, ú) or the letter "ñ", I get an error when I try to open the PDF file (this error does not happen with the DOCX which opens as expected). I get this error message: "La ruta de acceso al documento no es válida". Something like: "The file path is not valid".


      For example: If I have this file: "Pautas de actuación en un incendio.pdf", Acrobat for iOS won't open it. But if I change the file name to "Pautas de actuacion en un incendio.pdf", Acrobat can open it. If the file is a DOCX instead a PDF, Acrobat can open it wether it has accented vowels or not.


      And now, some (maybe) useful information for Adobe to fix the problem:


      • Language used: Spanish.
      • I have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat and iOS.
      • I have the latest version of Acrobat Pro DC.
      • It doesn't mind if the PDF is normal or PDF/A-2a. Acrobat won't open them.
      • The "Introducción.pdf" inside "Local" folder after installing the app can be opened despite having and accented vowel.
      • If a PDF file has accented vowels or the letter "ñ" but it was saved first in "Local", it can be opened. For example: if I copy a PDF file with accented vowels from Dropbox to Acrobat app ("Local" folder) it can be opened. Even if I then move it to "Document Cloud"; it can be opened.
      • Files open fine if I open them in Document Cloud using a web browser or if I a open them from Acrobat Pro DC on a Mac or PC.


      So, accented vowels and the letter "ñ" seem to be problematic when the file is saved in Document Cloud using a Mac or PC.


      Does Adobe know about this? Are they going to fix it? I don't want to change my filenames because of this.


      Thanks and regards.


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