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    Delete or Remove Movie Clip


      Im currently having a small problem with a carosel type user interface. As you can see from the code, currently it duplicates an instance of a certain movie clip so that they all appear on a carosel. What i want to do is have all these instances of this movie clip erased (removed, deleted or whatever) when i click on one of them. Currently when i click on one of them, it sets the visibility of these instances to false and takes me to another movieclip which displays a content page. I want it to delete all these instances instead of just making them invisble because when you hit a return button on this content page, i want it to simply go back and re-run the code to duplicate the instances again from scratch. Obviously when i re-run the code with these instances in play it doubles up and creates another lot ontop of the ones already created.

      Is there a function i can use to delete these instances when i goto the content page so that when i return it just regenerates from the original code??

      Thanks for any help in advance