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    Action for save as image with layer name

    mirza5313 Level 1

      I wondered if any help me for this canvas template action. I have attached steps involve for this action, I have recorded an action from start to end but stuck on last step to save canvas as new pasted image's file name.


      I have no clue how to save canvas with my new pasted image's name?


      Please help if anyone here can!! I know there is some perfect solution exist but I'm not reaching out there


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          An Action would not be able to do what you want to do. Actions can not  use logic to get layer names abs save document withe the file name being a layer name.  You would need to write a Photoshop Script to do that.  Adobe install a script in Photoshop: "Export>Layers to files" You may want to test that script to see if it does what you want. The Output file names will not be the ones you want.  And the one you want would give you grief for Photoshop layer name need not be unique.  Duplicate name would overwrite output file you woul wind up withe missing layer files.


          Adobe script names the output file  Original Document Name+the layer number+the layer name. The what you know the original document. The layer stacking order and the layer name.