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    Adding Scrolling Titles


      I would think this would be simple, but I'm about to make my own animated GIF because this software sucks.  I'M SORRY I BOUGHT IT!  All I want to do is have some text slide across the screen.  That's it!  It appears that elements can't do that!  I've followed the expert help, the guides, looked online but haven't found anything that helps!  Adobe people, if you are watching (I know the hackers are, lol), here's what you need to do to make this work for people:


      A)  There should be ONE (1) (uno) way of doing things.  So far I have found three ways (none of which work, BTW).  There's a menu at the top.  There's a menu at the right side.  There's a menu at the bottom.  All of the instructions say to use one or another of these menus yet the stupid title doesn't, um, title!


      B)  Make a video of how to do the things we request.  I shouldn't have to look on YouTube to find some Indian lady that I can barely understand. "Oh, we do one better, we guide you through it".  LOL.  Doesn't work for everyone, and it doesn't work when I try it.  If I had to guess, you probably can't make a video because you don't have video production software.


      C)  Quit trying to make the software better!  I bought Photoshop Elements 2.0 when it came out and it was the best thing ever.  I made tons of money working for my local University building their websites for A&P and Microbiology.  I used Elements 2.0.  Now I own my own business and I needed it again.  I didn't know if 2.0 would work on this computer, so I bought Elements 14.  What a pile of crap.  I've learned to use it, but when you take features OUT of a program, you have ****** up.  I wish I could find the first or second iteration of Premiere Elements.  I bet it worked!


      D)  Will Microsoft movie maker make a title that will slide from right to left across the screen?  I think I'm going to use that instead.  At the very least, I can make an animated GIF that will do it, although it will take all day.  I have a $700 car payment and time is money.  I should bill the ADOBE illuminati for my time writing this and learning how to use movie maker.  Heck, I might just make some slides with pen and paper and film those.  Probably the easiest thing to do.


      E)  Just a little aside - do you guys own Google?  Because they dumped the best ever networkable picture database software in favor of some cloud poo.  That would go hand in hand with Premiere 14 or 15 or whatever it is now.  Super fast.  Faster than what you got.  You might want to buy Picasa from them and... what the hell am I thinking?  You can't get Premiere right, why would I think...?


      I'm sorry if you are don't work for ADOBE THE GREAT and are reading this rant.  It's not aimed at you.