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    Lightroom Books.  Got documentation?


      I have spent the last 4 months creating a genealogy book with 75 or so pages.  Every time I turn around, there is a new surprise.  Blurb can't print black and white the latest surprise.


      WHERE is the documentation for this product?  I couldn't get it to print into a pdf and texted with help.  They said that it's because I use Dropbox for my catalogue (as specified by Terry White in his tutorials).  That turned out not to be true.  Once I deleted a large file at the beginning of the book, I could get a print out of sorts.  The error messages are absolutely meaningless. 


      What is the largest file that works in Lightroom book?  What's the best file type?  AND why can't Blurb print it in black and white with additional options available to the end user? 


      I am perfectly capable of reading all the documentation that is available if ONLY there was some.  I could even perhaps master this task.  Adobe makes it difficult. 

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe's documentation and tutorial are here: How to make photo books in Lightroom

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            Sholokhov Level 1

            That's not very substantial for such a robust product.


            that documentaction merely scratches the surface on the menu dropdowns.

            I want to know every bell and whistl.

            Can you answer the other questions about file size, type? 



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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              I know little about the book module, unfortunately. But maybe others will chime in.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                For some 'expert' tutorial videos-

                Lightroom Training Videos « Julieanne Kost's Blog

                Lightroom Tutorials by Julieanne Kost

                Book Module for Adobe Lightroom | Blurb

                How to make photo books in Lightroom


                Re B&W:  Blurb will only print sRGB images.  So if you convert to one channel monotone- no go!  You can still convert the photos to B&W in Lightroom's Develop module but if you export they must be (3 channel) sRGB.


                The "Largest File"  seems irrelevant to me.  I simply edit ANY photo that will import to Lightroom (except .PSB files), add it to my Book design, transmit Book to Blurb.


                "Dropbox for Catalog"-  Prone to errors!  Keep the catalog (and photo files) on internal or connected external drives. The original files must be available to Lightroom to send a Book to Blurb.

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                  Sholokhov Level 1

                  I had a half gig file that was a problem so yes size matters.  Wouldn't produce a PDF until I deleted   OI think the "error" messages I get are the result of size as well.


                  all my photos are b&w because they are old.  What color would they get printed?


                  curious why the Adobe guru would recommend Dropbox in the training video.  Terry White. Great tutorials btw.


                  Thx for your feedback. Greatly appreciateD.

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                    john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Dropbox is fine, the errors are human. You have to make sure its sync process has completed on each computer you use - otherwise you could be opening an older version of the catalogue. Maybe Terry explains this, maybe he doesn't, or maybe he doesn't emphasize the issue.


                    If Lightroom imports a file (see limits here), it should be able to output it to a book PDF. A huge file might take a long time. But if you want help, quote the exact error messages.


                    Blurb use a colour press to produce B&W, which can produce colour casts.

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                      Sholokhov Level 1

                      I've had more success lately.  But it's arduous to have to figure all this out.  I am about ready to send to blurb.

                      I'm trying to short circuit the color problem by selecting the photo in book, taking it to the library and saving the same preset.

                      My expectation, if there is color, is that it will be the same color throughout the book.  I'm not sure I'm not removing some of my editing of the photo tho.


                      Thanks all for your messages.  Linda



                      So here's an example of a meaningless error message.  WHY couldn't it be rendered?  Well, now I just try a different version of the same image in a trial and error way (the least efficient form of learning).  Why can't it be rendered?



                      Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 5.27.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.48.44 PM.png


                      Again, I've now, through trial and error, come to learn that they are missing photos.  (have transparency????)  Not the best way to inform.

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                        WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                        "Could not be rendered"  may mean the original .TIF image file is not available. Check the image in the Library grid (or from the Book Collection Grid view) and see if it has the '!' Missing photo icon.

                        If the .TIF file is huge in size, maybe try exporting it to a 'new'  .JPG file of reasonable size for the book (considering ppi and page dimensions-  8x10inch at 300ppi = 2400x3000 pixels) then exchange the photo in the book design for the 'new' photo.


                        The "Transparency"  error is just a warning.  Perhaps these photos do not fully fill the boundaries of a defined cell on a page. It also almost always happens with .PNG type files that allow transparency in the image itself (eg. logos, watermarks).

                        Usually "transparency" is not a problem, but if you have defined page background color as something other than white, then that color will show in the areas where Lightroom believes that transparency exists. Meaning- the background of the page will show in transparent areas.  Just check the appearance of each page in the Book module.