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    Disappearing Mouse Cursor?

      My mouse cursor occationaly disappears when I'm working in Fireworks. I've been working a lot with common library elements. Seems to occur when I add a new common library item to the document or try to edit one.

      I can see the mouse again if I move it out of the reach of Fireworks (to the desktop) but then it disappears again within Fireworks. The guides in the ruler area seem to follow the mouse, but there's no cursor!

      Anyone else have this issue?

      Mac 10.5.6 CS4 Fireworks Macbook Pro 4GB
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          I think that I found the problem.  You need to change the size point below where the inspector is located such as (on Properties window) Size, Edge, Shape, Range, and Exposure.  I believe that yours was Size 1 because you can't see the tiny spot.  Smile.  You might want to mark boxes for all checks except 9-Scale option on Edit in the Fireworks preferences.


          iMac OS 10.7.3, iMac i7, Fireworks CS 5.1 (