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    Issue with importing .gif into Animate CC


      So I've been struggling on an issue with importing gifs into Flash for a couple weeks now. I've been making animated pixel art in Photoshop, and then importing it to Flash as part of a game I'm making.


      Unfortunately, literally all of the gifs I've imported have had serious flaws in them. Flash randomly makes parts of the gif transparent, adds extra pixels, or doubles frames over each-other in bizarre ways. So far I've been correcting these by just saving every frame in Photoshop as an individual .png and then importing those to flash and replacing the broken parts of the gifs. This is extremely time-consuming though, especially for longer animations.


      Here's an example of a glowing pot I scaled up so you can see it better. This is the gif I exported from photoshop. Here's the actual size.


      Here's what the sprite-sheet flash is generating looks like. As you can see the pot is completely gone in the 3rd frame, even though it's present in the actual gif.


      In this case, it wouldn't be too bad to just go in and replace the broken .png, but for some gifs I've imported almost every single frame is broken in some way. Is there a way to get Flash to correctly import these gifs without garbling them?