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    Help, suddenly can't import from Nikon d750 and LR 6 says no photos found


      Hi, I have been using LR for years and updated to LR6 standalone a few months ago. Have not been very happy with as it is a lot slower than my old LR5. But that is not the problem today. I  used Lr 6 to import images (copy as DNG) from my Nikon d750 for months now and never had a problem. Today it just hangs for ages while trying to import, it eventually says no photos found. I tried restarting LR and my computer, I updated to LR 6.10, changed the USB cable, used  all three USB3 ports and looked for a solution on the web. To no avail. Help! Has anyone ever encountered this problem? I can import directly from the camera to my PC (WIndows 8), and then imported them (as Neff files) via the import dialogue in LR. But I want to directly import and copy as DNG into LR, as I always do.


      thanks, Gea