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    How do I create a LINK to a LOCAL FILE (without copying to assets)

    Mwarren Level 1

      I have been using Adobe Muse to create a beautiful dashboard for keeping tabs on various assets in the Comm department. I've discovered a feature that is - unfortunately for me - a bug:


      I have all sorts of embedded assets (buttons for downloading various things) directly from our shared cloud-storage service. There are also a few files which are technically stored in that cloud-storage tool, but parts are also synced locally on a few desktops.


      This presents an interesting problem since Adobe Muse really wants to copy those files into an assets folder. Heck, I even tried to out-clever Muse by sticking shortcuts to the items in a folder and linking to that. But no, Muse just crawled through and replicated the files anyway.


      So is there any way I can pull this off? These particular files are always on the same drive letter and path for the other users (guaranteeing that my hard link would work for all concerned if Muse could figure out what I'm trying to do).


      I hope that adequately explains my problem. I want to explore possible solutions before I throw up my hands and force the links to just access the assets in the cloud. I'm avoiding that because it's a bunch of extra clicks to open the file, via browser, and then edit it with our local Office & Adobe apps.


      Thanks for your attention.