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    How to import Word text without "hidden text"


      How to import Word text (* .docx) without "hidden text" into InDesign?

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          Migintosh Level 4

          I don't have a copy of Word to check this out with, but are you talking about a Word file that has edits? Here's an example:


          ORIGINAL: I'm going to the library to borrow a book.


          EDITED: I'm going to the store to buy a book.


          When you place the Word file into InDesign, you get this:


          I'm going to the librarystore to borrowbuy a book.


          If that's the problem, you open the Word file and find "accept changes" (or something like that). I haven't done it in years, but that's what I think you might mean. If not, someone will be along with a better answer.

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            vinny38 Level 4


            Here's how I would do it:


            Step 1: In Microsoft Word:

            1. create a custom character style in Word. Set it as "hidden". (I put it in red in the example below for better viewing)
            2. Use the Word Search/Replace feature to Search hidden text and replace by the character style you created.
            3. Save and close


            Step 2: In Indesign:

            1. Open Conditional text panel. Create a condition (let's call it "invisible")
            2. Use the INDD Search/Replace feature to search Word character style and replace by "invisible" condition.
            3. Finally, hide it using Conditional text panel.


            Hope that helps



            hidden text.gif

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