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    responsive and Scaling

    Dandalo Level 2

      Hi Guys,

      I don't if I missing something, but when we are setting a frame to scale with responsive with and height.

      The scale direction should be, from top left to botton right, like this image.



      In muse we can not set the anchor point for scaling a object, right?

      But sometimes, I found a strange feature, the image scale from the right, bottom to left right.




      When, I find this kind of trouble, I re-import the image, and start from the zero.

      Can you explain why this happens?

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          image scale from the right, bottom to left right.   ???

          You talk about the Frame (F), right?

          Could you try to make it more clear what your issue looks like?

          Maybe with a real picture? Or one empty page with one or two images which react different?

          As a .muse ? (dropbox or CC)