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    A "L-o-t" of U558 and U559, when publishing a site

    Dandalo Level 2

      Hi Guys,

      I have a question about the optimizing techniques that Muse use to upload sites.

      In the published version http://dingbat2352.businesscatalyst.com/index.html of my document, (if you want to download it https://adobe.ly/2pJwVO8 ) I have a lot copies from a very simple image. 243 copies !!!!!

      This doesn't make any sense. 243???!!!!!! It should be only 2!!!!




      This little math symbol, I used as dingbat in a menu. As you can see in this site below...




      As you can see the website, you see the symbol in white and blue.

      The white version is the original, the blue was created using a Muse feature with an inner glow.


      This feature of colorization, create this crazy bug? Or the breakpoints? This site has 9...

      It still does not make sense. The math symbol, don't have any distortion in size or scale...


      @Günter Heißenbüttel

      Günter I mention you name because of your answer in the post.

      Creating customizable objects (e.g. polygons for Muse)