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    Image Cropping to 3 Separate Photos for Print, in Photoshop

    Stig_03 Level 1

      Bare with me here as it's a bit of a tough question to ask. I'm looking to split one photo into 3 separate photos to hang on a wall. I used the slice tool and split the image vertically into 3. Great! However.... When I go to hang these on the wall, it won't work. (See image 1).   Image 2 I managed to get the idea right however they are not equally spaced and the images are not the same size.


      Here's what I want:

      -One photo, printed 76 inches long (6 feet), and 36 inches high (3 feet).

      -This photo to be split into 3 sections/prints, 24x36 inches each.

      -Hung on a wall with a 4 inch gap between each of the pieces.


      I have a local printing place, and I would love it if I could split the image myself and then send in 3 photos to get printed, then just pick them up and hang them up on the wall, with the desired measured distance between them. I thought about printing them on one huge photo and then just cutting it up, but then it makes my final photos smaller than 24x36. Also if I want a bigger one they might not be able to print that big of a photo in a single shot. Hopefully this all makes sense, and hopefully someone can help!


      Thanks in advance!


      Not Adjusted.jpg