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    GREP style doesn't work, Find/Change GREP does


      I have a paragraph style with a GREP style inside that renders the first three words after the name (first paragraph) in small caps:




      The “name” grep style also doesn't work btw, but let me focus on “small caps” for now. The thing is, the exact same Find/Change GREP query works just fine and returns exactly what I'm looking for. However, when in a style, it doesn't seem to work at all. Moreover, I went as far as creating a new document with a text frame with placeholder text and making a paragraph style with just the GREP and nothing else to make sure I'm not missing something the stacked up during the style build-up and it had no effect. Even tried it on different versions of InDesign.


      Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.51.47.png