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    Button Scope

    Damo1954 Level 1

      I'm having a slight problem with a dynamically generated button in flash. The problem is that the movie clips that contains the button is nested within several other movie clips. I am assuming this is why when i run the flash document, the movie clip plays and all the buttons are generated as usual, but none of them seem to be active (cant click them or get the rollover code to run). Is this a scope issue? Do i need a line of code that activates the buttons through the nested movie clips?

      Thanks for any help in advance

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          It sounds like it might be a scope problem, and if it is, you should put traces in the rollover code to find out if something is not being seen.
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            Damo1954 Level 1
            Yea i tried running some trace statements but the onRollover, onRollout and all other mouse triggered events are not fired. I decided to create a brand new movie clip outside of the main template, finish building that component and then insert it in the main template and work out scope issues later. Hopefully it will come together alright.

            Thanks again for ya help Ned
            Will no doubt be in touche soon with another problem haha