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    New Computer no disc drive


      If I have already purchased Photoshop cs6 and had it on my old pc which died and I have just purchased a Mac that you can not inset a disc into how do I get my photoshop again please tell me I do not have to purchase it again HELP ???

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          Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

          Was your old computer Windows?

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The old perpetual licenses were platform-specific. A PC serial number will be rejected on a Mac.


            The current subscription-based licensing is cross-platform and you can install on both platforms with one subscription.


            It used to be possible to order a cross-grade to switch platforms. However, since CS6 is no longer sold by Adobe, I doubt you can still do that.


            In short, perpetual suite licenses are a thing of the past, and by now the doors are shutting. I'd strongly recommend you to bite the bullet and get a CC license. The Photography Plan is only $10 a month, and you'll always stay up to date.

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