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    Flash Player's Mouse.hide(); does not work in Chrome/Opera in most of the times (randomly)

    Gevanni Level 1

      Mouse.hide(); is being randomly ignored after one of Chrome/Opera update (perhaps it might do something with Chromium/PepperFlash?). As the result two cursors appear in Flash games (including mine) - system one and in-game one.


      I keep receiving reports from players and experience this bug by myself but it seems like this problem stays for about a month now. Maybe somebody knows a ways to fix this? Or maybe it's worth starting and voting for bug report at bugs.chromium.org & tracker.adobe.com? I had no luck at chromium though.


      Example is here (in main menu you will notice two cursors):



      How it looks like for me:



      I have no idea what to do when barely visible yet still significant bugs like this one happen and stay for a long time.