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    Typekit not syncing into Captivate 2017

    MarkWFD Level 1


      I can't seem to get my synced TypeKit fonts to appear in my font drop down within Captivate 2017.

      I have done the following..

      1. Clicked the Typekit icon
      2. Been taken to my typekit account on the CC
      3. synced a selection of fonts
      4. Returned to Captivate (and restarted it - just in case that makes a difference)
      5. Nothing extra has appeared in my font menu

      Will I need to pay extra to make use of this feature?  I am currently on the free plan but it says I am allowed 20 synced fonts


      I should add that I am currently on a trial version of Captivate 2017 - but normally this would not effect functionality


      Thanks for you help with this