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    PhoneGap Build API - upload zip file failed




      I have found similar issues around about this but I have not found a solution yet.


      I am simply trying to upload a zip folder to PhoneGap Build by using the APIs:


      var options = {

         form: {

           data: {

           platforms: ["android", "ios"]

         file: "./www/ppmobilev3.zip"


      api.put('/apps/0123456', options, function(e) { // UPLOADING ZIP FILE
        if (e !== null){

         console.log('error:', e); //e = Error: upload failed; please try again [50]




      and I randomly getting the error: "Error: upload failed; please try again [50]"


      Now I know the problem is with the zip file because if I zip the folder manually via Window default compressed and then upload it to PhoneGap website, it works correctly...when in my code I use gulp-zip to zip the folder and then the API to upload it then it doesn't work!!


      So the question is:

      what command/application/software I need to zip a folder which is suitable for the PhoneGap Build website? or better what Saint I need to pray to get this fixed?