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    Once Photoshop is hidden, it doesn't show back up! [OSX]




      I'm working under Mac OSX 10.12.4.

      I can't be sure 100% it's because I hid Photoshop CC or I selected another application and chose to hide everything else, but Photoshop CC often won't show back up once it's hidden. The menu at the top is visible, they all work, but no window or toolbar is visible, so unaccessible. If I go in the Window Menu and select whatever in there to show up, it doesn't do anything.


      So all that remains to do is save my work, close the application and open it back up.


      Would try flushing my preferences, but it's always a pain to put everything back to how I like it, so I just want to know first if this is THE ONLY WAY to solve this problem, or if it comes from something else.


      From all the apps I have on my Mac, it's the only application that behaves that way. And I can't really tell how I get this result so I can reproduce it at will.


      Have you guys ever met this problem before?