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    CP2017 - only english language pack available on subscription?

    drftdude Level 1



      I was working with the 30 day trial for a couple days and now switched to subscription.

      The trial version was installed with the german language pack by default, as this is my macs language.


      I could not activate my install, the only option it gave me was to enter a serial number, which of course I don't have.

      So I reinstalled it, logged in with my subscription account, and now the only language I can choose is english.

      I'm using the same installer I used for the trial. Redownloading didn't change anything either.


      So now I'm stuck with english which is really inconvenient as I worked with the german version for five years


      Is it possible to install a language pack on its on? If so, where do I get those?

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          AJIT_M Adobe Employee

          Hi There,

          I would request you to perform the below steps in sequence and see if that resolves the issue-

          • Uninstall Adobe Captivate 2017 from your MAC OS.
          • Download Captivate 2017 trial from the below URL- https://www.adobe.com/products/captivate/download-trial/try.html
          • When you download the trial of Captivate 2017, please make sure you select the below option "Mac | German" and then download the Captivate 2017.
          • Once the file downloaded completely, run the DMG file and install Captivate 2017.
          • During installation, please make sure you have select the German language and then it will install the German language pack automatically.
          • Launch Captivate 2017 and you will get the German version of Captivate.

          Let me know if you face any issue.