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    fit frame proportionally


      may be winterm can clear me this issue too...

      i'm not able to use ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+C to fit frame proportionally. Simply nothing happens.

      Same problem with CTRL+ALT+C

      ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+E and ALT+CTRL+E works fine.


      The problem occurs when shortcuts are invoked from keyboard. If I select command from contestual menu (right+click) its all right.


      Grazie ancora.


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          Eternal Warrior Level 4

          Hi milkos59738379


          Have you looked at the keyboard shortcuts?


          EDIT > Keyboard Shortcuts...


          Product Area: Object Menu



          Either try the default shortcut specified or edit it and either change or re-apply and maybe this should fix it?


          Otherwise it may be a case of resetting InDesign Preferences.


          Hope winterm won't mind me butting in here





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            winterm Level 5

            hey, you're mostly welcome!

            I must confess I have my kb shortcut set customized pretty much, and it was years ago.

            So now I'm not sure about ALL my kb commands, which are 'standard' and which are not. Sorry for that.

            And yes, I think, I changed something in 'frame fitting options', too.

            Just check what command you see in a menu list? (before going to Edit Shortcuts window...).

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              milkos59738379 Level 1

              hello Eternal Warrior

              thanks for your suggestion. what means "won't mind me butting in here" ?

              it's a common saying ?


              Yes, i've search inside kb shcut and always looks ok.

              Maiusc+Ctrl+Alt+C is assigned to the correct function.


              I was been lazy and i have supposed everybody hade the solutions at finger tips. may be i've to search deeper to find the solution.

              if i delete the shcut sequence i notice i can't reassign it to the same sequence ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+C. i've solved assigning ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+N. but only for now...


              ot: what about my english ?


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                winterm Level 5

                what means "won't mind me butting in here" ?

                It's about what I'm doing right now 

                You mentioned me in your question. Eternal Warrior answered, despite you didn't ask him. He may feel a bit uncomfortable for that, so he asks if I don't mind.

                Now I'm answering to your question you asked him, so I:

                Hope Eternal Warrior won't mind me butting in here