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    Photoshop 2017 freezing frequently (30s-1min)

    Brounzer Level 1

      Hi all,


      Windows 10 64-bit

      16GB Ram, i7, Quadro M1200

      SSD M2 with read/write rates around 1gb/s


      I keep having the issue that Photoshop 2017.1 starts fast but then hangs for 30 seconds straight. I'm not opening a document.

      The document that I open afterwards causes similar issues to occur, even though the document is just a few MB big.

      Documents are all stored on my local drive. There are a few network drives installed on my system, but they do are not output paths / file paths.


      I've analysed the process and the following occurs:

      Photoshop Hang 30 sec.png


      It's clearly reporting Not responding but only little CPU use.

      The wait chain reports it's 'waiting for Network I/O'.

      What exactly is it doing and what can I try to further analyze the root-cause of the issue?


      I know you guys may consider this insufficient information to address the issue. But any word on how to further analyze the issue?


      EDIT: New insights

      - Issue does not occur when I disable all my network adapters.

      - Issue does not occur with Illustrator or After Effects, which I also use frequently.

      - Issue always seems to take the exact same time (I could hold a stopwatch and measure the same time every time it freezes)