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    PhoneGap Build vs. PhoneGap Desktop for loading local files


      I have an HTML5/Javascript package that I'm trying to convert to an offline app.  When I use PhoneGap Desktop to preview the app, everything works fine (even if I shut off the wifi and cellular data on my phone to disconnect it from the PhoneGap Desktop server).  When I use PhoneGap build to package the project up and test on the same device, I'm getting errors relating to the loading of json files and cross domain iframes.  These are the type of errors that occur when the package is run locally on my desktop, rather than on a web server.  It seems that since PhoneGap Desktop provides a web server it resolves these issues, but I'm confused as to why I can shut off wifi and data on my device and still continue to use the package with no errors.  I'd like to be able to take the exact package that PhoneGap desktop is providing to my device and use that as the app package, since PhoneGap build seems to produce something different (as evidenced by the fact that it doesn't work).  Any thoughts or suggestions?