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    Frustrated! - fee change without beforehand notification

    Magical Screen

      As simple as Adobe has charged 29'99€ into my account after a year with a 9,99€ fee. The problem is adobe must communicate the change beforehand, as they mention in their deal agreement, to give the opportunity to the other part to decide if continue or not. I haven't receive any communication about. In my case my option could be just stop my subscription.


      Is so frustrating try to communicate by phone and find the right option to finally talk to someone who explain the case. I din't find the way after so long recordings speech... The other only option was live chat. Right... After chat with someone call Elena, just Elena, (any other minimum identification data - not sure at the beginning to be talking with a bot) what I got is a several number of links that it took me to anywhere. At the chat's end and without any helpful answer Elena sed "I'll end you a email with the info where you can send your complaint". What I've receive is just 3 more links. 2 of them were the same I had in the Adobe-Elena's chat. The third one took me to a place where my only option was choose the product I want to ask for... and surprise... Adobe Stock was not in the list... So... from I receive the mail with my chat copy (16:45) from now (18:20) I've just been loosing my time.